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              About the inspection method of the piston

              1436 2019/08/27
              1. After the piston rod piston is processed, the hydraulic pressure test should be carried out. The water pressure is generally 15 times of the working pressure. Do not leak and residual deformation for 10 minutes.
              2. When the piston rod piston cracks, it should be scrapped; the cylindrical surface of the piston has limited wear due to the friction of the piston ring, usually without repair; when the cylinder cylinder is enlarged, it needs to be pressed. The enlarged diameter is equipped with a new plug; it is only repaired when the piston rod piston is worn or the piston rod ring groove and the cylindrical piston pin hole are worn.
              3. When the piston rod piston is scratched or scratched, use a trowel to carefully clean the wound and the nodule, and then smooth it with oil stone.
              4. When the small cylindrical piston pin hole wears, it should be reamed with a piston reamer with a guide handle according to the enlarged piston pin diameter. When reaming, short reamer cannot be used. Otherwise, the verticality of the piston rod piston pin center line and the piston rod piston center line is not easy to guarantee. After reaming, the piston rod piston must be placed on a special inspection tool to detect its verticality deviation.
              5. When the battalion layer of the piston rod piston bearing surface is detached, the re-casting or welding repair can be used to finish the car and leave a certain machining allowance for scraping during assembly.
              6. When the bearing steel piston rod piston ring groove wears, the piston rod piston ring groove can be first shaped into a shape, and then the same material as the piston rod piston can be formed in the corresponding ring groove. And at the beveling point, the electric welding and the piston rod piston body are welded firmly to the finished car, so that the outer-circel welding machine is of the same size and flat as the cylindrical surface of the piston rod piston, so that the ring grooved car can reach the surface with the required size. Roughness.
              7. Other defects of steel pistons can also be repaired by welding after finishing.
              8. When the piston rod wear is greater than 0.3mm, wear or scratch and the bending of the piston rod exceeds 0.02m/mim, it should be repaired. For piston rod wear, it is usually repaired by chrome-plated grinding. Before chrome plating, the piston rod should be round and then plated. The thickness of the chrome plating layer should be 0.05~0.15FIIITI.
              9. Slight scratches or scratches on the piston rod. It can be trimmed by manual repair and oil stone polishing; if the piston rod is not bent, it is directly ground with a bearing external grinding machine.
              Before repairing the piston rod, the bending should be corrected to ensure that the centerline of the piston rod after repair is coaxial with the thread center line of the piston rod; after correction, magnetic particle inspection should be performed without cracks, etc. Defects can be used.