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                Talents are the source of enterprise development

                Qunke has always attached great importance to the construction of a talent team, and has cooperated with universities such as Nanjing University, Southeast University, Jiangnan University, and Hehai University for a long time to cultivate professional technical talents, forming a dynamic and high-level R&D team, providing a driving force for the sustained and healthy development of the enterprise.

                Join Qunke - Extraordinary achievements
                • Expand career development space

                  Promote employee growth, improve career development channels, and form a talent development path with vertical steps and horizontal connections to meet the needs of talent team construction in the new era.

                • Promoting career development

                  Adopting various measures to promote employees' career development, such as the selection of senior experts and hierarchical appointment of professional and technical personnel, competitive recruitment of cadres, and improvement of academic education.

                • Forming a talent team

                  Develop a succession plan to form a talent pool, and the potential of each employee is enormous, which is not influenced by an individual's age, education, personality, and other factors.